Quinn In Wonderland

A boy sat on top of an abnormally large mushroom, his arms folded and eyes closed. He did not seem to take any notice of her, despite her blatant screams and pleadings. He was fabulously dressed in a pink, teal, and dark blue ensemble, and while it would have looked garish on anyone else, he seemed to pull it off respectively well. He had a very boyish face, looking much younger than he probably was, and in spite of all the irrational events of this moment, Quinn could not help but find herself feeling envious of how soft and flawless his skin looked.

Hello?” Quinn called out. "Hello! You there! Down here!”

The boy sighed, and when he did, she saw a trail of smoke escape his lips. As his arms moved to his side, Quinn saw that he had been quietly smoking a golden hookah, and she coughed and waved the air in front of her face. "Hello? Hello there! Excuse me! I need your help! I’ve fallen into some quicksand!" Quinn exclaimed. "Please, I need your help!”

It was then he finally looked at her, his face indifferent and almost judgmental. He took another long drag from his hookah and crossed his legs regally. They both looked at each other for a long moment, and gradually, he took the hookah out of his mouth. "Who are you?

She blinked. “Look, I’m kind of not in the best state to explain that stuff right now, so do you mind helping me out of here and then we can discuss introductions and such?

The boy stared at her. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Okay, fine. Fine, I’m Quinn. Quinn Fabray. Happy? Now can you get me out of here?”

Brown is an awful color on you.”

Quinn glanced down at the dark sand creeping up her knees. “Yes, yes, I agree. Please, what’s-your-name, can you get me out of here?”


… What?”

My name is Caterpillar,” he rolled his eyes and took another drag.


Extract from Quinn In Wonderland by Jackiekennedy (Lexie)

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