Quinn In Wonderland

"You see, Wonderland has never really been ruled by anyone. All creatures here have had general freedom with their lives. The only real rule governed by any kind of unforeseen law is to be polite and comforting to others. For as long as history recalls it, this rule has always been followed.

"Now when I said Wonderland has never been ruled does not mean we don’t have our share of royalty. There are two queens that occupy the land: the Red Queen and the White Queen. They are not directly related for they live on opposite sides of Wonderland, but they are well aware of the other. However, they have always lived in peace, thus dispelling any need for conflict or a ruling monarchy. Everything was already in harmony, so there was no need for them to confront the other. The residents of Wonderland were happy, and naturally, so were the queens.”

Quinn nodded intently, glancing up at him from her plate of spaghetti. Mouse was seated near her on top of the table, her plate noticeably smaller and utensils almost minuscule. The two were paying close attention, nodding and smiling at the proper moments. It took every inch of Quinn to refrain from scarfing down her entire meal, but she wanted to be respectful and paused at the appropriate times of the story.

And then one day, this mysterious woman came. No one had ever heard of her or seen her before, but she called herself the Queen of Hearts. There have never been more than two queens in Wonderland, but she had everything a queen should: people, land, and a right to govern. She had followers called the Deck of Hearts, a beautiful garden that was her own, and an apparent birthright that enabled her to rule said land. There was no way to argue her royal inheritance, so the queens let it be, and no other creature seemed concerned enough to dispute it.

Mr. Dodo sighed, cupping a steaming mug from his hand as he poured a pot of coffee. “No one but me.


Extract from Quinn In Wonderland by Jackiekennedy (Lexie)

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