Quinn In Wonderland

"I know where you can get meat," a new voice spoke up, silky yet obnoxious. "These are my parts of the forest. Then again, I am very well-rounded in my knowledge of Wonderland. Though that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.”

Quinn yelped and jumped in her spot. The March Hare immediately drew his sword, but the Hatter placed a hand in front to stop him. They both turned to him as he took a step forward, an irritated expression on his face. “We don’t have time for games right now, Cheshire Cat. Come on, get out here." Quinn pulled a full 360 degree turn in search of the hidden voice, but there was no one there. Clutching the seam of her dress, she turned once more and found herself face to face with a floating head.

Ahhhh!” Quinn shrieked, backing up into the March Hare.

Wha – I – who – Quinn – gahhh!" The March Hare fumbled around, and upon seeing the head too, he screamed and bumped heads with Quinn. Both fell to their butts, with Mouse flying out the basket, rubbing their foreheads and moaning loudly.

Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you!” the head suddenly spazzed.

Cheshire, when I said come out, I meant all of you," Hatter mumbled into his hands, staring in humiliation at his mess of a group and/or army.

Right. That would have been ideal, wouldn’t it? You have to excuse my manners, I’m normally so poised in these situations. It’s only because I haven’t had that many visitors lately. If you caught me on another day, things would have gone much more swimmingly. But to be honest, I think you two overreacted a bit much.” The head moved forward, and suddenly, the rest of her body appeared out of thin air. She was small girl, not as tall as Quinn but definitely taller than Mouse. She had large chestnut brown eyes and a wide nose with locks of thick chocolate hair falling well past her shoulders. She had a pink and purple striped long-sleeved sweater, matched with a pink and purple striped school girl skirt. Pink knee high socks, purple Mary Janes, and a pink headband with cat ears rounded off the look, and Quinn found herself looking away before internally gagging.

Overreacted?” Quinn snapped and pulled herself up from the floor. "You were just a floating head!

"I like to think of it as having more options than anyone else," the Cheshire Cat smiled. It was a blinding affair, each pearly white tooth displayed with a dramatic amount of power. Quinn, however, was more creeped out than she was impressed.


Extract from Quinn In Wonderland by Jackiekennedy (Lexie)

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