Quinn : So, remember the character is not-

Puck : Kiss me

Quinn : What ?

Puck : Kiss me. Please.

Quinn : I thought you wanted me to help you for your English test next week

Puck : Yeah, sure I want. But I also want you to kiss me

Quinn : I don’t think it’s a good idea Puck…

Puck : Why ? It’s not as if you loved me right ?

Quinn : What do you mean ?

Puck : You never said it back

Quinn : Well -

Puck : You don’t have to tell me. It’s okey I understand. But I think it’s kind of hot to kiss my teacher.

Quinn : I’m not your teacher Puck…

Puck : You’re tutoring me Fabray, you’re my teacher. And an amazing teacher by the way.

Quinn : You really mean it ?

Puck : ‘course ! I think you’d be a great teacher and kids would love you. You’re patient, kind, good at explaining, you babysat all the time and you’re a good mom with Beth.

Quinn : I love kids. Actually, I always wanted to work with children.

Puck : You should think about this.

Quinn : Are you sure you wanna do this ?

Puck : What ?

Quinn : The kiss

Puck : (smirking) I almost forgot about this… And now, you beg me Fabray… so if you insist-

Quinn : Without the tongue

Puck : As if you could resist… I’m sure you’re gonna moaning, grabing my hawk and-

Quinn : Puck !

Puck : Okey, I stop .

And then he shut his eyes, waiting patiently for her lips to meet his. 

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