Team Quinneth

Yes I love Puck. 

Yes I think Quick are endgame. 

But no !!!! I didn’t like Puck’s behavior during the last épisode when he was with Quinn. (even with Shelby)

- He didn’t take her in his arms whereas she was opening herself to him and she was crying in front of him. She told him she wanted to raise Beth with him, which means be a family with him. Don’t you remember Puck ? It’s not what you wanted two years ago ? She is offering you an opportunity to be with you, and Beth. And you know you wanted this so badly ! And you know it’s pretty hard for her to tell you this kind of things. It’s Quinn. She hides her own feelings, but never  with you. But you don’t budge. She is telling you she believes in you, that you can get a better job ! But no. Have you really grown up last year, or maybe it was a joke ? 

- He took Beth away from Quinn for her first meeting. You’re an ass. She didn’t even hold Beth a whole minute. What did you try to prove ? That your a better parent than Quinn ? No. You can’t. You’re both her parents, and maybe Quinn was awkward with Beth, she was afraid to break her “perfect little thing” , and when Shelby says “Momma” in front of her, it’s not helping ! And you, you take Beth and says “She likes me”. What the fuck ? Quinn doesn’t deserve to be loved by her child ? She can try to calm her ! Grrrrrrrr  

This time, you disapointed me Puck. Really. Because even if Quinn is not doing the right things, you could try to help her more and more. Obviously she needs you. Why are you doing things in her back ? What are you afraid of? You don’t want to hurt her ? Great, anyway she’s gonna find out you’re sleeping with Shelby, and there, she’ll be even more mad, sad and lonely, you’ll lose her forever. It’s like you’re not believing in her. Quinn would be a great mother. 

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