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That’s a tough ask.
Hum… I don’t know really… I just love my baby girl and I’m proud of her. It’s kind of something about me I guess.
I like my hair?
I like… Bah… Seriously… I’m so bad at it. Lol sorry.

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Mark Salling on Rocky Road

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PUCK: He forgave us for what we did, right?
QUINN: A long time ago. We saved him. Rachel was his soulmate.
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Mark Salling on Rocky Road

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Natalia Leite talks about BARE synopsis.


Can you tell us about Bare, the feature you’ve been working on?

It’s a story that takes place in a small town near Nevada, about a young girl who meets an older woman, a drifter who has made some drug deals. This woman convinces her to get a job at a trucker/strip club and sort of brings her into a life of drugs, psychedelic, spiritual experiences and tripping. I spent a lot of time traveling through these areas in the desert, and I’m just really inspired by this location and wanted to do something that depicted the life here and showed a transformation of someone in this location. 

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I have nothing against Dianna’s new role in her upcoming movie (she deserves some challenge stuff in her career) but most of her fans who ask her to come out as a lesbian is very rude and disrespectful. You think you do the right thing by telling her that every day but I’m sure she’s embarrassed about it and I would be in her situation. It is someone decision if he/she has to come out from the closest, not yours. It makes me want to puke to see some of her ‘fans’ acting like that because she truly doesn’t deserve it. Okay, she plays a lesbian in a movie but not all actresses who play a bi/lesbian in a movie is the same in real life. Their job is about playing a character, not about being them self. I’m far from being homophobic because I support them but I find it gross that people force some celebrities to be someone that they are not. We need to respect them for who they are and stop asking them to be the person that you want them to be. I’m sure that I’ll get hates with this post but I needed to get it off from my chest. The way people act towards some celebrities are so disrespectful and such a shame. That all.
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@DiannaAgron Today, before work. What a beautiful day to be creative indeed…
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Dianna Agron on the set of ‘Headlock’ on July 28, 2014

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Dianna Agron on the set of ‘Headlock’ on July 28, 2014

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Requested: Quinn and Puck in the hospital.

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