Glee: dream Season 6 scenario


This just came to me today, and now I want it to happen so much!!

Puck gets called back to the Air Force, and Quinn finds him in the halls of McKinley just after he finished getting the phone call. He gives her an apologetic look, and she tells him he doesn’t have to say anything, she knows that look. She gets teary-eyed, so Puck hugs her, and she tells him how it’s not fair, he just got back. 

She meets Rachel in the choir room. She talks about Puck getting called back, and how everytime he’s gone she gets so scared of the phone ringing, or not getting a letter for a while. He’s the love of her life, she can’t imagine losing him. They both look at Finn’s plaque. Quinn says she’s sorry, and how she admires the strength Rachel has. Rachel goes to talk about how she hopes she’s making Finn proud by taking over glee club. How anytime she feels like going all “Rachel Berry” on the students, that she thinks of Finn and how he would teach them, how he’s still her constant inspiration. 

Puck goes to the choir room to get Quinn, and the three of them stand near Finn’s plaque (they were the original core four love square). Rachel and Puck say their goodbyes. Quinn asks if Rachel wants to hang out later after she drops Puck off. Rachel says she’ll be here (in the choir room).

Puck and Quinn have their goodbye in the airport. He promises he’ll be home as soon as he can. They exchange their ILY’s. As Puck boards the plane, Quinn starts to sing Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again”.

This song ends up being a Rachel and Quinn duet about Finn and Puck.

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And then people say we’re against Faberry. This friendship would be very good, and that song damn. 

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Mark Salling snapchatted a fan back about Dianna Agron. (via @okagron)



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The Cast of Glee at The White House filmed by Harry Shum Jr || 2009 [x]

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Mark Salling at the Child Hunger Ends Here event || 2011 [x]

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Mark Salling and puck are so underrated!

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au quicketh :  

I can hear you calling but i can’t come home right now

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THE HUNTERS - Behind the Scenes (2009/2010)

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@MarkSalling : With the original Saw man. Steve A. Wallace. Taught me how to crush on the course #OG #discgolf

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I don’t look back, the past is dead to me…except for maybe just one thing.

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: Nothing tops off a Texas trip like some good bass fishing. All catch and release btw

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Glee Season 6 Spoilers: “Homecoming” – FULL Song List Incl. Performers!


And you guys probably thought I was done spoiling and stuff. NOPE! Here’s the FULL list of songs for Glee 6x02 “Homecoming” WITH performers.

See isn’t this FUN :)

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Dianna Agron | Beauty

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Brodie Smith’s snap chat with Mark

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meg_doyle: FRANDZ!!!!!

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Logancobb15 : Frisbee legend @brodiesmith21 #LH

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