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Dianna Agron has a dispute with a photographer in West Hollywood

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Dianna Agron in West Hollywood, Calif. (4/22/14).

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April 22: Lunching with friends & getting a juice in LA [x108 HQ]

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Tina: What about Quinn and Puck? Santana? Are they just not being supportive?
Me: ummm no pretty sure they are catching up for lost time with their soulmates
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there will be another live tweet today!! spam ryan with more questions about quick.  ( so we can riot )

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every Puck’s scenes - 1x01 : Pilot

It’s hammer time!

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Dianna Agron interviewed by PopSugar

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"Yeah, who knows? I mean, it would definitely be something really small and indie and just fun for me."

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elsacocquerel Bye Tommy ✧ With my LA Family

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Tunes of Light (society6)

I was too lazy to finish the dress… so let’s pretend it’s on purpose. 

I’ve tried to make video of process and it kept failing. but I have sketching recorded. only problem is that video is corrupted and I can’t edit it… T_T   

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